Easy Office-Based Team Building Ideas #3

This week’s Easy Office-Based Team Building Idea is inspired by The Farnsworth Family, who used it to build friendships and unity within a local youth group – but we reckon it would work brilliantly as a motivation-booster at work, too.

Positive Adjectives

Credit: Farnsworth Family Blog

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Indoor Team Building at it’s Best: The Enigma Challenge

The Brief:

Create an innovative, animated team building event that boosts motivation and encourages participants to work together. It must have plenty of challenges, with something to suit everyone, whether they are a brainteaser-loving whiz-kid, an aspiring creative, or an active ball of energy.

Oh, and just one more thing: it must be completely winter-proof, allowing our clients to inject excitement and fun into their working day without leaving the warm comfort of the conference room.

The Solution?

The awesome Enigma Challenge!

Transparent question mark with green background

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