Team Building in London’s West End – iSpy

London’s West End is a fantastic destination for a treasure hunt – it gets teams out and about amidst some of the most iconic locations in the world, from Leicester Square and Covent Garden to Piccadilly Circus and Trafalgar Square.

Our iSpy event takes the idea of a treasure hunt and brings it into the 21st century. Teams are armed with iPads with GPS mapping, digital and video cameras and are thrown into a race against time where their efforts are assessed real-time in the Cloud and only the best team can come out on top!Team Building in London's West End - iSpy Continue reading

Team Building in Manchester – The Team Adventure

We were lucky enough to visit the glorious city of Manchester recently to run our popular Team Adventure. With its open spaces and iconic landmarks, Manchester has a lot to offer teams that want to spend a morning or an afternoon out of the office strengthening bonds and improving communication.

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Team Building Events: Indoor Events

With a huge range of team building events out there, it can be difficult to decide which one is right for you. To help you narrow down the search, we have divided the best events into categories, and will profile a different one each week, complete with tips on what might be best for your team. Today, we’re looking at indoor events – the perfect way to get the most out of your team building event without leaving the comfort of the conference room!

Indoor Team Building Events

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Easy Office-Based Team Building Ideas #11

Last time on Easy Office-Based Team Building Ideas, we looked at fitting your team building into packed schedules by utilising your lunch hour. But there’s another way to strengthen bonds and boost motivation without taking up masses of precious work time, by using a technique we call the Long-Term Team Build.

The Long Term Team Build

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Team Building in Liverpool – The Team Adventure Treasure Hunt

We were recently in the delightful city of Liverpool to run our Team Adventure event – a fast paced and exciting treasure hunt that sees guests split into teams that compete for victory throughout the city.

Armed with iPads with GPS mapping and a series of challenges that evolve as the activity progresses, there’s never a moment to lose in this high energy team build!

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